Never Give up a Motivational Story

Never Give up: University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth realized that IQ wasn’t the only factor separating successful people from those that were unsuccessful. she spent years analyzing short and long-term effects of grits on people’s performance throughout their lives and she found that having grit and determination was the strongest factor in predicting whether or not someone would be successful in the future.

The story I’m about to tell you gives you a real-life example of why grits and not giving up is so important the young boy was born in a small farming village in Japan. his family was very poor and they all lived in a small house with very little money.

he was only nine years old, he left his school and started working in a small shop to support his family. he used to get up every day before sunrise clean the store run errands that kind of thing and then look after the children of his employer. some years later destiny showed him a new path he got a job in an electronics company.

Never Give up

He got interested in light bulbs and sockets every night he read books and experimented on his own. one day he made an improved version of a light socket he got very excited and showed it to his boss, where his boss was not impressed and said such the products will not work.

even though his boss rejected his idea he still believed in it he wanted to do something on his own like start his own company, he asked his friends and they told him it would be too difficult he cannot leave his permanent job and start his own company he has no experience very little money and hardly any education still he believed in himself so when he turned 22 he made a big decision he left his stable job and started his own small manufacturing company.

Never Give up

He and his wife started manufacturing sockets in their small house and they both went door-to-door selling them but no shop owner was interested they didn’t get any orders months passed by and he still was not able to sell their product.

he sold his furniture and borrowed money just to survive little longer often he thought he would give up and go back to his job, but in the morning as the Sun rose he went back out on to the streets just like any other day looking to make some sales he felt deflated he was so close to giving up his dream but that’s what a miracle happened out of nowhere he got his first major order of 1,000 pieces. after that first major order of 1,000 pieces, his company has 250,000 employees with annual sales of 65 billion dollars.

Never Give up

His company products are now sold all over the world all this was made possible by a man with no education and no money but he refused to give up he refused to listen to the negativity of his friends and had complete belief in himself his name is “Connor Sookie Matsushitathe” company he founded is now known as ”Panasonic”, success is not dependent on how much education or how much money you have success is all about believing in yourself and not giving up so if you’re also in pursuit of success just believe in yourself even when no one else does you.


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