Environmental Challenge and Human Health

Environmental Challenge and Human Health

With the increase in human intelligence over time, it has asserted its rights to supply its desires. Not only this, but it also did not even leave its environment to prove its dominance. In order to adapt the natural structure in its own way, it did such indiscriminate actions, due to which its own mental and physical condition was disturbed, as well as the terrible conditions where the destruction of its civilization and mankind itself was inevitable.

Started to look a bit By damaging the environment, it opened up all the gates which had a visible effect on its health. Let it be known that a healthy environment signifies a healthy mindset and a healthy life, and if it gets contaminated, then we start suffering from many diseases and helpless diseases. Here the basic infrastructure of the environment is being changed by humans.

Air, water, soil, plant, and animal wealth are the main components of our environment. Continuous responses are carried out between them and through mutual exchange of energy, they maintain their stability, and balance in nature remains. Destruction of forests, such as indiscriminate exploitation of fuel, use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, urbanization, population explosion, industrialization, etc. are factors that have polluted our earth and have also caused many disasters in nature.

Air Pollutants – Aerosols, soot, dust, smoke, pollen of flowers, other than sulfur – dioxide (SO2), hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NO2) and carbon mono – oxide (CO) – to pollute the air. Metals like lead, iron and mercury, some pesticides, etc. are responsible. Due to the above-mentioned air pollutants, many respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis, arise.

Environmental Challenge and Human Health

Carbon monoxide is produced by the combustion of fuel in motorcars, burning of coal in fireplaces and stoves in homes, cigarette smoke, etc. It is a highly toxic gas and reduces the ability of oxygen to be transported in our blood when it enters the body with inhalation and suffocates the death of a creature when it enters the body in excess. Similarly, SO is produced through the combustion of refineries and sulfurized coal.

It is also a toxic gas and produces many respiratory disorders in humans. NO, and NO2 gases are also released by motorcars which create a red-brown environment in congested areas, which can cause lung and cardiovascular diseases as well as many diseases such as cancer. Also gives birth. The presence of photochemical smog, peroxide acetone nitrate (PNA) causes itching and pain in human eyes.

Water – This is our main source of survival. Due to its pollution, the following diseases can arise in humans, the water used in bathing, washing, etc. activities in our houses is drained into drains, rivers and other aquatic sources through drains and sewerage. In this water many types of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and cellular parasites and many worms are present. In this way, germs that spread disease through an aquatic medium in contaminated water can cause diseases like jaundice, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery in humans. Such water is also considered unsuitable for drinking, bathing, and irrigation.

When contaminated water is contaminated by heavy metals such as mercury, when this contaminated water is used, there is a risk of causing Minamata disease. Mercury is converted into methyl mercury by bacterial reactions in wastewater, the consumption of which causes numbness, unclear vision, deafness, and mental disorders in the lips, tongue, and extremities of humans. Sudden pain in human bones and joints is caused by water contaminated with cadmium (Cd), it is called Itai – Itai disease.

There are a number of factors leading to contamination of underground aquatic sources ie groundwater. If the amount of nitrates in drinking water is high, it can also cause death for infants. It is known as Blue Baby Syndrome. Fluorosis disease occurs when the amount of fluorides in water is high, in which hump, tooth disorders, and hardening of bones are common symptoms. When Arsenic metal is polluted with water, it produces cancer of the lungs and skin in humans and also causes diseases like neuritis (a type of brain disease).

Soil – The use of agrochemicals, mining activities, are responsible for soil pollution. Municipal waste such as household and kitchen waste, hospital waste, pet waste, market waste, slaughterhouses, plastics, and polyethylene pollute the environment and cause many diseases in humans. We can understand the harmful radioactive elements emanating from nuclear furnaces and weapons and the side effects of radioactivity. Mining activities adversely affect the health of the laborers working there.

Environmental Challenge and Human Health

Noise – Noise is produced from industrial machines, loudspeakers, factories, firecrackers, explosions, etc. Excessive noise affects the pulsation rate in the heart of the human being i.e. heartbeat, blood circulation, and even respiratory process. Symptoms like headaches, insomnia, restlessness, irritability, and anorexia at work develop due to the constant noise.

Environmental Challenge and Human Health

Apart from all these, environmental changes like acid rain, ozone layer damage, greenhouse effect, global warming, etc. developed by human activities all over the world have become a threat not only to human health but also to its existence.

It is clear that if proper care is taken of the environment and proper utilization of natural resources, then our health will remain good and it will be the most meaningful effort towards human welfare as well.

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